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Wednesday, September 1 (PM): Today is Wednesday, September 1, and we’re starting our 2nd day of negotiations in this week’s sessions. Things are going very slowly, which is common practice for Sandia – they are holding several very important articles that are vital to the union accepting anything they’ve given us – so we continue to fight on!! We’re holding only two proposals on the union side, but Sandia has rejected almost all of our language in the first 16 proposals we passed to them.

Wednesday, September 1 (AM): Your Bargaining Team is excited to say that we passed our final proposal today (about Telecommuting) to Sandia. The Union has now passed all of our proposals to Sandia.

Sandia admitted that they are withholding additional proposals. More importantly, they are refusing to provide us with their economic proposals. We are disappointed and are questioning their motives.

Several counters that we have received form Sandia include the elimination of the Full-Time Designee position, all Steward Training, and mandated vaccines for all new hires starting October 1, 2021.

It is difficult for us to assess and consider proposals without seeing ALL of Sandia’s proposals. We return to the table tomorrow (Thursday, September 2) and have scheduled September 14, 15, 16 for more negotiations.

We value the rights to come together and have our voices heard to raise the standards of the work place. We will continue to work diligently in an effort to bargain a fair contract.

Tuesday, August 31: The Union would like to address the post made last night on the Negotiations website managed by them. Sandia has ‘passed’ thirteen articles to the union with no contract changes. These are not actual proposals. Sandia has also passed “Article X” which combines nine of our proposals into one proposal. We are under no obligation to respond to proposals that have not been changed. This is what Sandia is choosing to spend their time on, arguing with us about what is and what isn’t a proposal. The Union is waiting for Sandia to give us ALL of their proposals.