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A vote was held at the October 19, 2019, General Membership meeting on Constitution and Bylaws changes.  One of the articles voted on was a change to our dues structure – moving from a flat rate to a percentage rate.  This change was duly approved by a majority of the members present. 

The target deadline for this change to go live is the first pay date in September 2020.  

Monthly dues for all members will change from the flat $37.00 per month to one and one-half times your hourly base rate per month.  Some of our members will see an increase in monthly dues, while others will see a decrease.  Student intern dues will change from $15.50 per month to one time their hourly rate per month.

In addition, the one-time Initiation fee for all members hired after September 3, 2020 will increase $2.00, from $48.00 to $50.00 – This fee is waived for all student interns.

A new Dues Deduction Authorization card was sent out recently via email.  You will need to complete and electronically sign the card no later than Thursday, August 13; it will then be sent to either Kelley Allen ([email protected]) or Phyllis Rutka ([email protected]) for our counter signature.  Once we submit, it will automatically be forwarded to the respective Payroll Departments for processing.