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We held our General Membership meeting last night. We had a comprehensive discussion about the OPEIU / SNL Negotiations. We want you to know that Sandia is choosing to make the $900 ratification bonus contingent upon ratifying the contract tonight at midnight.

Sandia is making this choice, not the Bargaining Team. They could give you a ratification bonus as a good gesture, but they are choosing not to do that.

Sandia passed a large number of proposals to us late yesterday afternoon, and many of these proposals are new and the Team needs time to review them. This is a common tactic used by Employers, but we are going to continue to bargain and work to get you a fair contract.

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Welcom to the OPEIU 

Local 251

Hello OPEIU Local 251 Members: 

After weeks of refusing to bargain in good faith, and after much anticipation, the company has finally delivered their wage proposal to your bargaining team.  According to the company, this proposal reflects the union’s “lack of movement and unwillingness to make concessions.”   We are not obligated, nor do we feel a need to agree to any concessions.  To this point, the Company has been unwilling to pass all of their proposals to us, even though your bargaining team has asked repeatedly for any and all economic proposals.  Well, here it is.


Ratification Bonus if ratified by 11:59 PM Friday, September 17, 2021.

  • $500 OAAs/TIERs
  • $250 Students

Year 1 – .75% base increase

Year 2 – .5% base increase

Year 3 – .75% base increase 

Please note that this proposal is contingent on removing Articles 20, 21, and 24 from our contract, and reverting to corporate policy.   To simplify, this means that you would not have any protections or the right to bargain over these issues, if we were to agree to this proposal.    

Keep in mind, this is just an initial wage proposal and the team will continue to negotiate on this and other important issues.  We intend to make a counter proposal to this!! 

Your Bargaining Team

OPEIU Local 251

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Bargaining FAQs

Bargaining is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week. The OPEIU bargaining team has passed all their proposals to management. We have received some counters on those proposals. However, we have not received any economic proposals or counter offers...

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Wednesday, September 1 (PM): Today is Wednesday, September 1, and we're starting our 2nd day of negotiations in this week's sessions. Things are going very slowly, which is common practice for Sandia - they are holding several very important articles that are vital to...

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Respect and fairness on the job.

Every worker deserves that much along with decent compensation and a safe and healthy work environment. By joining together with your co-workers you can build an employee organization that gives you a real say over your job, puts you on more equal footing with your employer and ensures a better economic future for you and your co-workers.

Your right to form a union is protected by long-standing U.S. labor laws. While most employers use all kinds of excuses why unions aren’t needed and put up challenges to block organizing efforts, workers succeed every day in building powerful employee organizations.

OPEIU Local 251

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Sandia National Laboratories

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 611

ABF Freight Co.

Communication Workers, Local 7011

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OPEIU Local 251

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“Working Together” we win better salaries, benefits, personal time, health and safety packages, and other improvements to working conditions for our 500+ members across New Mexico.  Our Union is comprised of clerical and administrative employees at Sandia Labs on Kirtland Air Force Base; the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 611; the Communication Workers of America; the Training Fund; and ABF Freight.